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Below are some of the basic facts of the program:

Completed Lease Purchases:

Lease Purchase Program 

Pope Trucking Inc. has a competitive lease purchase program which allows motivated drivers the ability to purchase their own truck & trailer.

Pope Trucking​ Inc

  • Zero Down – Pay by the week Program   
  • No Credit Check
  • Option to purchase truck at the end of the lease 
  • Typically takes approximately 3 to 5 years to complete the lease (subject to vary)
  • Weekly Expenses are:  Truck & Trailer Payment, Sales Tax, Tag & Taxes, Qualcomm, Escrow, Occupational Accident Insurance, Scanning Fee
  • Monthly Expenses are:  Non-Trucking Liability Insurance, Physical Damage Insurance
  • Other Expenses include but are not limited to:  Fuel, Maintenance, Operational Expenses
  • Early Lease Payoff Option without penalty
  • $1000 Sign On Bonus